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Membership Application Form

ALL-China Bakery Association

Membership Application Form

Note£ºPlease read the notice before. If you want higher level than council member, please note in the "remarks" .

Application Introduction

¡ñBasic requirements as A.C.B.A's member

¡ñ    Own the business entity(including, but not limited to legal person, individual business, institutions)
¡ñ    Own business area which is at least 50©O.And annual sale volume is at least 1,000,000 RMB.
¡ñ    The Applicant must be related with baking industry, including, but not limited to operator, investor, technical personnel and workers on economic, theory and law of baking industry. Or Hongkong, Macao£¬Taiwan and foreigners related to baking industry.
¡ñ    Responsible person of the enterprise must have high school or Secondary diploma or more, or work on baking major more than two years, or have special skills, or have train certification of professional baking training school.
¡ñ    Group Member(group means institutions or social group)
¡ñ    Acknowledge and comply with the constitution of the Association
¡ñ    After finishing the "Membership Application Form" and paying membership fees, applicants will be divided into the groups which is based on the membership fees, and can enjoy the service as well as join the activities.

¡ñFee Standard

Membership Level Chairmen Senior Vice Chairman Vice Chairman Executive Director Director Enterprise and Group
Fee Standard (RMB per year) 50,000 30,000 20,000 5,000 3,000 1,000
Note: Enterprise and group level pay for 3 years all at once can enjoy 10% discount, and pay for 5 years all at once can enjoy 20% discount.

All-China Bakery Association

Membership service Introduction

¡ñStandard and Consulting

¡ñ     As A.C.B.A.'s members, you can consult our professional council for your difficult problems, and get help freely, even can invite professors to your company and give technical help.

¡ñIndustry Competition and Certification

¡ñ    As A.C.B.A.'s member, you can sign up freely for the competition or certification. Such as "Star Bakery of China" "Special Bakery of China" "Old Brand of China Bakery" "Special Baking Products", etc.

¡ñChina Bakery Exhibition

¡ñ    As A.C.B.A.'s active members can enjoy the 5% discount for exhibition booth.
¡ñ    Members who attend our exhibition can enjoy our VIP visitors' invitation freely.
¡ñ    As A.C.B.A.'s active members can enjoy our publicity on our mobile platform "Baking in China "freely
¡ñ    A.C.B.A provides our members information of exhibition oversea and business trip service oversea. This based on our resource.

¡ñMedia Transmission

1. "Baking in China"-Magazine

Membership Free Articles Free Event Promoter Free Magazine (monthly magazine)
Chairmen and Vice Chairman 3 4 8/month
executive director 3 3 5/month
Director 2 2 4/month
Enterprise and group 1 1 3/month
Note Articles£º Publicity for members brand culture, products.
Free Event Promoter: Publicize the actives which members organize or attend. Members should provide the articles. The deadline is 15th per month.
Custom Service: Members can show what you want.

2. Website service

¡ñ    Members can get Bolgroll and Latest News services.
¡ñ    Member can get latest information from "Notice Board" for our latest project.
¡ñ    Members can enjoy the video for online meeting with professor of baking industry about the market and events.
¡ñ    The members with valid status can find latest information about national policy on our website.

3. Media

¡ñ    Members can enjoy the favorable fee for media publicity, event planning.
¡ñ    Members can enjoy the latest news on our platform, such as website, mobile APP, Blog and so on.
¡ñ    Members can get the latest event notice in different channel, and join the activities at the first time.


¡ñ    Members can sign up for competitions freely.


¡ñ    Training for policy
¡ñ    Training for management
¡ñ    Training for Technology

¡ñAnnual Meeting and Forum

¡ñ    Members can join the Annual Meeting and Forum freely

¡ñCeremony and Activities Planning

¡ñ    If our members organize activities, our Media Department can offer professional assistance.
¡ñ    A.C.B.A. also can undertake and plan professional marketing activities, such as forum, member sodality, baking competition and so on.

¡ñBasic Service

¡ñ    Members can get service and industry information by A.C.B.A.'s platform.
¡ñ    Members can get the "Baking in China" magazine freely for a year.
¡ñ    Members can get membership certificate, medal, "Member Address Book" and "Baking in China" and so on.

Contact£ºMembership Department
Tell£º010-8721 3828 /5979 2007-885
Fax£º010-8721 3827


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