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Chinese Traditional Pastry Renaissance¨CNew Year Gifts Project

"Chinese Traditional Pastry Renaissance" is a project of service launched by ACBA in 2016. Based on development trend of the industry and the attention for Chinese traditional pastry, ACBA and industry experts combined together to host Chinese Traditional Pastry Renaissance theme event. Through the packaging design, product development, and marketing concept, the events brought a better understanding of Chinese traditional pastry market for industry counterparts and members.

"Chinese Traditional Pastry Renaissance" project is also the response to the national call in which Chinese traditional culture shall combine with the baking industry, baking products shall become the carrier of Chinese traditional culture, and consumers shall know more about Chinese traditional culture especially the baking traditional culture of China. In this year, ACBA will gather more information, investigate through different province, and create more forms to share the knowledge with baking industry counterparts.


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