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Light Meal Specialized Committee Introduction

Light meal, a brand-new concept, is leading a fashion in which people pursue heath and delicacy at the same time. When light meal is becoming a life attitude and life style, hence the mission of Light Meal Specialized Committee is to pass on the life style which is healthy, nutritional, and simple.

All China Bakery Association Light Meal Specialized Committee, an organization with high degree of autonomy, is built by ACBA for the purpose of integrating the resource of light meal industry. The main mission of the committee members is to organize light meal professional competition, to promote the transmitting of light meal concept, to propagandize healthy and low carbon life style, and to propose the practice of light meal project for baking industry counterparts.

The works in 2017 that Light Meal Specialized Committeeis going to carry out are: 1. China king of light meal competition; 2. light food's products and skills show; 3. To promote light food column in "Baking in China".


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