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All China Bakery Association

Founded in 1996, All-China Bakery Association (ACBA) is a nationwide trade association under the leadership of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce (ACFIC). Sun Fuling, Vice Chairman of China's National Political Consultative Conference (CNPCC), is the Honorary President of ACBA. Wilson Wu, Executive Director and General Manager of Maxim's Development (China) Ltd, is the President of ACBA.

Over the past 20 years, we follow the directives of the government and pursue the policies of ACFIC. We aim at uniting people from or enthusiastic in bakery industry, and we promote the development of China's bakery industry. For example, the amount of exhibitors of China Bakery Exhibition has increase from 86 to 600 currently; we held LouisLesaffre Cup and national baking knowledge competition; we participated the editing of GB19855-2005 "Moon Cake" national standard, GB/T 12140-2007 "Pastry Terms" national standard, and GB/T 20977-2007 "Pastry Rules" national standard;we built the communication bridge among bakery industries of Mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and foreign countries; and as a member of China-ASEAN Business Council, we bring back food-related information of ASEAN to ACBA members without delay.

To organize surveys and researches on bakery industry and keeping our members informed with latest information on research, production, sales, and consumption through 40 ACBA contact stations which have covered entire mainland China is our mean duty.

In order to integrate resources from industry and give full play to distributors' function of guidance, ACBA established distributors association and started joint purchasing project in 2015. Furthermore, 20 Exhibitions and more than 100 issues of magazines were hosted and published to serve our members, meanwhile, activities of technology exchanges, training and competitions were conducted with exhibitions and interviews for magazines.


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